Our NARRO Narrative

As a start up, we want to do better and be proud of what we create. We care about being transparent.

We are a slow fashion brand which means that our garments are all produced in small quantities. 

We believe that pre-orders are the antidote to fast fashion culture. Our goal is to keep manufacturing local, avoid overproduction and encourage a slower way of enjoying fashion.

We value each garment and are equally concerned about the way it is made and how it looks. That is why our collections are thoughtfully curated with the purpose to have non-seasonal and lasting pieces, made as sustainably as possible and produced in ethical workplace practices.

We provide safe, fair trade employment and give local women economic opportunity. Our production process is run by local artisans women in Europe with respect to craftsmanship and heritage. We are serious about fair labor conditions, reasonable working hours, and a safe work environment for them.

We constantly educate ourselves and aim to reduce our negative impact on nature by creating quality garments that last for a long time and inspire thoughtful consumption. By the end of 2021 we are committed to upgrade to a fully sustainable and circular approach for our business model. 



Our Materials

We believe that by choosing consciously made products from recycled materials and organic fibres - that generate less waste in the fabrication process and use less energy and water in the dyeing process - the environmental impact of the fashion industry can be drastically reduced.


Organic Cotton: We use 100% organic and certified cotton. This means organic cotton made per traditional methods, grown via organic production and agriculture methods, with no toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

Organic Wool: We use 100% organic wool from Τransylvania. This means organic wool grown without any pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified seeds, which makes it less harmful for the environment (as well as farmers and workers). It is certified from independent and licensed agencies. 

Recycled Polyester: We only use certified recycled polyester in our garments. This means polyester made from plastic that has been recycled (such as PET plastic bottles or nylon fishing nets). Recycled polyester is more sustainable than conventional polyester because it requires less processing and requires less energy consumption for its production. The recycled polyester we use is certified from independent and licensed agencies.

Organic Silk: We only use Organic silk  fabric which is created in a similar process to farming - using no pesticides, synthetic additives, insecticides or harsh chemicals in the production of the silk fibre and in producing the finished cloth.

Viscose: We use Viscose yarns are made of wood from controlled sources and generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact for the production process in comparison to generic viscose


Our Zippers: We use IDEAL Earth zippers which are made using REPREVE® polyester, utilising special processes that convert recycled water bottles into zippers. Read more here: https://www.idealfastener.com/sustainable/

Packaging: We use 100% environment friendly boxes. Read more here: https://www.biopack.ro/

Bags: 100% Recycled LDPE plastic bags, soon to be replaced by compostable plastic bags. Read more here: https://tipa-corp.com/portfolio/packaging-by-segment/fashion/