Our Story

NARRO Is a ready-to-wear collection created by women, for women. Inspired by past travels and experiences from places around the world, each piece embodies fluidity, inspiration and authenticity and tells a story.

Whimsical designs, bold colours and edgy shapes - styles feature signature handmade knits from eco-friendly wool, chunky and fitted comfy statement sweats from organic cotton, mood enhancing mini dresses and ethereal silky tops, created consciously and destined to fulfil and embrace the diverse needs of the modern woman who sees fashion as a means of personal expression.

The brand pays homage to traditional artisan techniques and deeply cares about preserving craftsmanship as well as giving women economic opportunity: every garment is made by local seamstresses in Europe. NARRO also aims to reduce its negative impact on nature and other humans by adopting sustainable practices and creating perennial garments that inspire thoughtful consumption.

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Catalina Toaxen, the brand is driven by her passion to provide independent women with ethical choices and her goal to become a better consumer herself,
London based NARRO matures with every season, having its roots deeply set on a blend of evolving knowledge and growing passion. It is about building community empowerment and infiltrating a more conscious lifestyle through designs that are made to last.

We are artisan made, transparent, conscious.

Catalina Toaxen

Our Promise

Our founder is a women’s woman. All NARRO designs are created by women, for women. We take pride in empowering and providing employment opportunities for all women: women of local communities and minorities, women of every age.

We constantly educate ourselves and by the end of 2021 we aim to succeed in the process of creating fashion products made sustainably and produced by ethical workplace practices. We care about being transparent about everything we do.

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