What is a Gift Card?

A Gift Card acts like a debit card. You choose the amount, and the person you give it to can redeem it only on our website.

Ensuring Personal Choice and Style Preference:

In today's uncertain times, finding the perfect gift for someone can be challenging. To eliminate the guesswork and prioritize safety, gift cards have become an increasingly popular choice. As a trusted clothing brand, NARRO London offers an exceptional range of fashion-forward products. However, opt for a NARRO London gift card instead, to provide flexibility and peace of mind to both the giver and receiver.

Selecting clothing can be subjective, especially when it comes to individual fashion tastes. By gifting a NARRO London gift card, you empower the recipient to choose an item that truly resonates with their style. They can explore the brand's extensive product range and select something they genuinely like, ensuring satisfaction and appreciation for their personalized purchase.

Adapting to Changing Sizes and Styles:

Each person's body size and preferences may change over time. A gift card allows the recipient to select the right size and fit, avoiding situations where the gifted product may not match their current needs. As seasons change and new fashion trends emerge, individuals can wait to redeem their gift card for the latest NARRO London collection, guaranteeing they choose something that aligns with their current style.

How can I check the balance of my Gift Card?

To check the balance of your Gift Card, please contact us by emailing contact@narro.co.uk.


Please note that Gift Cards cannot be converted into cash or cash equivalent and cannot be transferred.

You may enter the gift card number and PIN number when you are checking out. The amount will be deducted from the gift card. If the payable balance is more than the balance remaining on the gift card, you must select other payment methods to pay for the remaining amount.
Please note that only one gift card can be redeemed in connection with any given order and they cannot otherwise be "stacked" or combined with other gift cards for that same order.

Gift Cards do not expire.

Please note that gift cards are non-returnable and non-refundable.