NARRO is conscious of the economic, ecological, and social impacts of its business activities.
“We act responsibly” seek to generate added value for the Company, our employees, customers, business partners, and society.

We consider sustainability to be a combination of quality, innovation, and responsibility.

Our Living Values

We are fully committed to our goal to actively contribute to an inclusive and equitable world.
We strive for more balance in our cultural heritage, we reinforce the work power towards the handknitted and hand customized details.

Fostering an inclusive environment with trust and equal opportunities for the Romanian natives’ women and man throughout Transylvania.

As a company, we want to contribute to more equality in the world. We see it as a shared journey that needs everyone’s commitment – that includes each and every one of us, as employees, as partners, as part of any community.


NARRO sees digitalization as key for personalized, omnichannel customer experience. At the same time, it is a relevant enabler for implementing the vision for B2B CLIENTS .